Regional Office of Education

The Law n. 53/2003, article 2 and the following Legislative Decree n. 59/2004 included the English language already in the first classes of primary school. In order to reach this objective, the General Direction of the school staff promoted, according to the scientific document of the "Education of language-communicational skills in English for the primary school teachers", the Education Plan to begin with the school year 2005-2006.

INDIRE (National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Education Research), appointed by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research), with the communication n. 1942 of October 14th, 2005, elaborated the language-communicational and methodology-educational plan directed to the primary school teachers, which ends with the achievement of the level threshold B1 of the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages. In order to support the educational plan on the National territory, INDIRE, together with the Association of the Italian Language Centers (AICLU), offers the Regional Offices of Education a network of university language centers, able to support on the territory the education initiatives and the relevant certifications of language skill to be given at the end of the lessons.

The Language Center of University of Calabria joined the initiative with the development of two kinds of actions indicated hereinafter as "Action 1" and "Action 2":

  1. Action 1 is the preparation of a set of tests, aimed at evaluating the skill levels achieved, for the levels A1 and A2 of the Q.C.E.R. – European Common Framework of Reference – of the students who have attended the activities of the "Education Plan for the development of language-communicational skills in English for the primary school teachers";
  2. Action 2 includes "actions of external certification" for the skill level B1 of the Q.C.E.R., directed to the primary school teaching staff;

Action 1 was launched in the period September 2006 by sending the level test A1 and A2 for primary school teachers located in the Calabrian territory and is repeated every year.
Action 2, launched in September 2006, is repeated every year in two sessions. The first session is for teachers who have finished the educational path organized by the Regional Office of Education. The second session represents a recovery session for those students who did not reach the B1 level language skill during the first session.

Exams are organized at the Language Center and are based on a written test during one hour and a half, and an oral test during 10-12 minutes for each couple of students.

Hereinafter are indicated some samples of tests of the previous sessions.

Session September 2006

Session December 2006

Session February 2007

Session July 2010

We suggest the students preparing the final test to study entering the section of the website dedicated to self-study.