On August 29th, 2005 an agreement between University of Calabria and the "Libera Accademia delle Lingue Europee ed Orientali (LALEO)" (Free Academy of the European and Oriental Languages), located in Santa Severina (Crotone) was signed.

LALEO organizes lessons open to all the foreign and Italian citizens resident abroad not younger than 18.

The lessons are "ordinary" and "extraordinary". The ordinary lessons are divided in beginners, elementary 1 and elementary 2. They last a trimester, or one month, if intensive (usually in summertime).

The extraordinary lessons are divided in: preparatory for elementary 1, it lasts one moth during the entire year, and in intensive lessons all through the year.

At the end of the lessons, those who have attended the lessons diligently and have taken the final exams will receive an achievement certificate, with the evaluation.

The University Language Center is committed in coordinating the education activities of the teachers of LALEO undertaking L2 Italian language lessons and organizing activities aimed at achieving the Certification in L2 Italian.