Presentations in PDF

Thanks to all Participants who gave permission to upload their presentations!

Adriana Teresa Damascelli and Marie-Berthe Vittoz
La formation des enseignants. Langues et discipline intégrées selon la méthode CLIL. (PDF)

Alena Hradilova
Teaching politeness in videoconferencing classes. (PDF)

Alessandra Fazio and Elisa Fiorenza
E-task based language teaching: un’esperienza italiana con e-tools di supporto. (PDF)

Andrea Koblizkova
Managing one´s understanding through ELF. (PDF)

Anje Dijk
The implementation of a Language Policy within University - The role of the Language Centre. (PDF)

Anna Dal Negro
La competenza passiva dell'Academic Italian Word List. (PDF)

Anna Nunan
Student motivation and perception of foreign language learning in a university language centre. (PDF)

Anthony Stenton
The re-intoduction of syllables into adult foreign language learning and pronunciation teaching : a creative challenge for learners and teachers. (PDF)

Belicika Svetina
Translation in ESP should it be banned, neglected OR promoted. (PDF)

Catherine Xiang
Audio-visual Media in L2 Teaching: A Grundtvig Project at LSE Language Centre. (PDF)

Claudia Buffagni, Beatrice Garzelli and Elisa Ghia
La vita è bella (Benigni, 1997): una riflessione didattica sui sottotitoli in inglese, spagnolo e tedesco. (PDF)

Cristina Pérez Guillot, Julia Zabala Delgado
Giving university language centres an international voice. Assessment, self-evaluation and certification. (PDF)

Dagmar Sieglova
Critical Thinking as a Potential for the Tertiary Language Education Practice in the Czech Republic and beyond. (PDF)

Dagmar Sieglova, Lenka Stejskalova and Ioana Kocurova-Guirgiu
Optimization of Tertiary Language Instruction: Student needs analysis. (PDF)

Daniele Lazzeri and Stephan Meyer
Promuovere creatività e pensiero critico in “tempi bui”: quale contributo possono offrire le conversazioni multilingui e interculturali? (PDF)

David Owen Language
Centres as Translation-Service Providers: Developing Style Guides. (PDF)

Donata Puntil and Silvia Colaiacomo
Learning to be Intercultural. (PDF)

Donato Martano
ELT and Social Media: using WhatsApp as a Virtual Learning Environment. (PDF)

Elisa Caruso
Il translinguismo universitario: l'uso di più lingue per l'analisi dei contenuti. (PDF)

Estelle Meima
The Implementation of a New University Language Policy: What Does this Mean for the Staff? (PDF)

Ewa Wapinska
International Students’ Voices on Creating Communities of Practice. (PDF)

Giuseppe Palumbo
Language Centres as translation service providers: A survey of needs and practices. (PDF)

Hana Katrnakova
Looking for parallels: similarities and differences between persuasive strategies in authentic native speakers’ formal interaction and students’ production. Sociolinguistic and pragmatic aspects of persuasive strategies. (PDF)

Ioana Sonea
Implementing a Quality Assurance System for Language Teaching in a State University. (PDF)

Janne Niinivaara, Johanna Vaattovaara, Nina Sulonen and Sinikka Karjalainen
Developing Language Centre learning environments - from practice to strategy. (PDF)

Jeroen van Engen
Developing online language courses. (PDF)

Jessica A. Thonn
Journeys/Viaggi: Intertwined multi-university English L2 and Italian L2 courses for bilingual and intercultural growth. (PDF)

Johanna Vaattovaara
Quality of teaching as ”quality of life” – evidencing the passion of professional development through teachers’ research engagement. (PDF)

Johann Fischer
Développer et lier un programme d’études et les évaluations correspondantes: Les défis de la standardisation dans l’enseignement, l’apprentissage et l’évaluation dans un contexte universitaire et un enseignement centré sur l’apprenant. (PDF)

John Morley
UNILANG: A certification scheme for language learning in higher education. (PDF)

Julia Harvey
Language Centres as translation service providers: Terminology Management. (PDF)

Kari K. Pitkänen
Student needs and course aims: a perfect match? (PDF)

Kari K. Pitkänen and Kirsi M. Wallinheimo
iPads in Teaching Medical English and Swedish at the University of Helsinki. (PDF)

Kari K. Pitkänen, Sandro Amendolara, Fergal Bradley, Deborah Clarke, Tuula Lehtonen, Roy Siddall and Kirby Vincent
Increasing student choice in academic writing courses. (PDF)

Katerina Sedlácková
Travail sur la jurisprudence en classe de français juridique : un laboratoire de la pensée critique. (PDF)

Katia Carraro
A framework to promote metacognition in a tandem language learning context. (PDF)

Leena Karlsson and Sandro John Amendolara
Autonomous journeys in the realm of metacognitive narratives. (PDF)

Libor Stepanek
Authenticity Unlimited: An Analysis of a “Key Competencies in International Academic Communication” Course. (PDF)

Liga Belicka and Ruta Svetina
Translation in ESP – should it be banned, neglected or promoted? (PDF)

Liliana Szczuka-Dorna and Iwona Gajewska-Skrzypczak
ACERT-final language exam at Polish Higher Education Institutions recognized by SERMO association. (PDF)

M. Antonietta Marongiu
Does authenticity matter when it comes to teaching pragmatics and culture in L2 classes? How relevant is the choice of teaching material in L2 language teaching? (PDF)

Manuel Silva
Translator? Localizer? Transcreator? The role of multimodality in bringing the translator out of the box. (PDF)

María Del Carmen Arau Ribeiro and Manuel Moreira Da Silva
Meeting the Ongoing Challenges in Implementing CLIL in Higher Education. (PDF)

Marketa Denksteinova
The role of the teacher and tasks in CMCL. (PDF)

Marta Genis
Pragmatics Assessment with a holistic approach. (PDF)

Mat Plews
How a task-based approach fosters critical thinking. (PDF)

Natalie Kübler, Alexandra Mestivier and Mojca Pecman
Corpus use and translation: Does it really work? (PDF)

Niccolò Banchetti
Metodo Onda: creatività a disposizione dell’applicazione delle conoscenze e del mantenimento delle competenze linguistiche. (PDF)

Patty van Bielder and Cristina Irun
Activating Students with Prowise. (PDF)

Romain Racine, Alessandra Keller-Gerber and Katrin Burkhalter
Soirées de cinéma et médiation interculturelle de terrain, ou comment fédérer les étudiants d'origine linguistique différente autour d'un projet interdisciplinaire. (PDF)

Ruben Comadina Granson and Margaret McKinney
Adding Value to Society: An example of a Language Centre’s Contribution to Sustainable Development in Mozambique. (PDF)

Sabina Schaffner
Principles and challenges of program planning and financial planning at a Language Center serving two universities. (PDF)

Satu von Boehm and Marja Suojala
Student approaches to peer editing in first and second language writing. (PDF)

Serafina Filice and Rosalba Rizzo
Comparing Italian and North American TV food commercials: a discourse analysis perspective. (PDF)

Simone Barnhoorn and Irene Houkes
In'to the future: a case study. (PDF)

Stefanie Neuner-Anfindsen, Barbara Etterich, Pierre Yves Mauron
Applying research to create language for academic purposes-courses in a bilingual university: Process, Reflection and Evaluation. (PDF)

Soultana Maglavera
Teaching English Fine Art terminology through the use of the aesthetic experience. (PDF)

Susanne Gundermann and Gregg Dubow
Certifying the Linguistic and Communicative Competencies of Teachers in English-taught Programs. (PDF)

Suvi Punkkinen and Nina Sulonen
Language learning with international students - Giving learners a multicultural voice. (PDF)

Tony Prince and Richard Rossner
The Eaquals Teacher Development Framework and Languages for Academic Purposes (LAP). (PDF)

Tuula Lehtonen
“You will certainly learn English much faster at work than from a textbook.” – Law students as trainees learning English beyond the language classroom. (PDF)

Ulrike Arras
Language mediation competences in a multilingual academic context: need of research. (PDF)